Acknowledgement and Thank You

We would like to thank the following people:

First a Special Thank You to

Glenn Skinner (Atomic Studios); Laurie Asprey for the photos; Snake Barnes; Breet Perry; Pete Chambers; Martin @ 123 easyvans; Eddie Haines for photos at the Arches; Emrys Baird & Tony Slater for their help with our demos.

Emrys Baird

Picture: Emrys Baird


Peter Hamilton Giles, Brett Perry, Shiloh Noone, June @ Byran Farrish Promotions, Gerhard Welgenbach, Filipe Huerta, Alan Burridge, Graham Oliver, Bob Sherne (Listen Inn Studios) Terry and Lee @ Absolute Music (Poole) Mike at Classic Drums Bournemouth, Emma and Tubbs @ RMS Studios, Nick Churchill, Terry Mile (12 String), Doug Larson Imports, Andy Gray (BGO Records), Simon Poole (DeepDownHeavy)

Blogs, magazines and online shops

Classic Rock, HMV (Japan), buaa goo (Japan), Midnite Records, Hippyland, phrockblog, is this music, Glory Daze, Birdman, Rate Your Music, Indie Store, Crying Mind, Spirt of Metal, the Bournemouth Echo, Record Heaven, Hippyshake Records, Amazon, Mediais, CDandLP, cdmarket, Third Ear (Japan), Midnite Records, Marquee (Japan), Diskunion, muzicosbomba, Navajo Blues Band, Julebox Shop, RMS Studios Fulham, getready to rock, music for dummies, New Gibraltar Encyclopedia of Rock, Prog Archives, You Tube, Wuatoeotu, Garagepunk, Rockadrome, The Obelisk, KMart, Baronvonspacerock,, Weirdo Records

Radio stations

103 RockFM, WMUA91FM, SuperFM, WMUA, K107.5, CKCU, WNYU, WFMU, RadioOne 91FM, WIFR, WULP, WFMU 91.1, KKIF, WMBR, BBC Leeds, BBC Coventry, WKDU (Philly), WDYN, MUSE (France), 3CR (Aus), WPRB, Radio Fog, RTR FM (Aus), Radio1 Dunelin, Radio Fairfax, WLVR, WMR, WFMU, KUSF (SanFrancisco), Radio 1 cz, Stonehenge Radio, Pluto Radio


Julian Hanisch

To all of you and our fans we say:

Elias Hulk says Thank You to their fans

Tools of the trade

The band uses the following equipment:


Big red, a Gibson 335 (1961), Gibson Les Paul Standard (1995), 2 Fender Strats one hard tail, one Tremelo, 2x Fender Telecasters 1 x 1952 1x 3 pick uo nashville model, Fender Esquire, vox ac 30 piggy back, hhvs 100, musicman 100 combo, Kramer Ferrington, Taylor acoustic, Hoyer acoustic, Bennett pedal steel, 1892 english violin, framus 5 string b jo

Amps: very early Marshall 100 and 50 watt heads, and assorted vintage cabnets


1963 Fender Jazz bass and matching '63 Fender Precision and 1962 Fender Esquire and several acoustics.


Yamaha, rock tour kit with pearl Ian Paice s/d, and studio Yamaha birch kit, vintage Ludwig (and very battered 400 snare drum), a mixture of Zilljan Istanbul, Sabian Cymbals