Our new album

new Elias Hulk album coming soon

Our new album is currently in the making, but we are proud to announce that we have new material. You can listen to our first album or our two new EP's on bandcamp. So enjoy our new material and stay tuned for our new album.


  • Elias Hulk Unchained album original and small
  • Elias Hulk Unfinished Business cover small
  • new Elias Hulk ep cover small
  • new Elias Hulk album cover small

Unchained (1970)

  1. We Can Fly
  2. Nightmare
  3. Been Around Too Long
  4. Yesterday's Trip
  5. Anthology Of Dreams
  6. Free
  7. Delhi Blues
  8. Ain't Got You


Unfinished Business (2008)

  1. Beneath My Disguise
  2. Rock'n Roll Life
  3. Heroes


EP (2012)

  1. 16th Floor
  2. Turn Back Those Years
  3. Hands Up
  4. I'm Still Free
  5. Memories And Me
  6. 672A


New album (?)

Recording is still in progress. More information on the new record will follow shortly.